N-Power Speaks On Suspending Giving Out Devices To Beneficiaries

n-power news device selectionExcited N-Power beneficiaries (Photo: N-Power/Twitter)

The N-Power scheme has assured that it would give out devices to the 2017 batch of the empowerment programme, Concise News understands.

This news platform earlier reported that the handlers of the N-Power scheme warned beneficiaries not to fill a Google form in circulation for the device selection.

It described the form in circulation as “fake news” and said it did not emanate from them.

While answering a question by one of the beneficiaries who was skeptical that the devices might not be given to them, N-Power said it would not do that.

According to the tweet, “Meeting our end of the bargain has never been up for discussion. You were told you would receive devices and you will.

“When there is information that can be shared, you will be the first to know. You will have to trust the process.”

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