N-Power: See Grave Allegation Made Against Handlers

N-Power: See Grave Allegation Made Against Handlers (Photo Courtesy: Nigerian Pilot News)

A beneficiary of one of the social investment programmes of the Nigerian government, N-Power has alleged tribalism in the payday of stipends.

Concise News reports that beneficiaries throughout the federation have not been paid their July stipends and many of them are thoroughly displeased with the situation.

A Twitter user with the name Muhammad Ibrahim (@Danumma1994) commented that during the last Muslim Eid festival (Eid il-Fitr), stipends were not paid as and when due. Consequently, he accused the handlers of the scheme of partiality.

He writes: “during last xmass, npower pay us on 24 December, but during last sallah pay us after sallah, and see this sallah again is coming again, no stipend i dont know which kind of tribalism is this”

The Eid-il-Kabir (Sallah) 2019 in Nigeria will most likely begin in the evening of Sunday, 11 August and end in the evening of Tuesday, 13 August. As at the time of publishing this report, this online news medium observed that beneficiaries are yet to receive their last month payment.

This has left many of them fuming.

Dubbed as the largest post-tertiary employment programme in Africa, N-Power beneficiaries do not need high-wire connections to secure the job.

Tribalism obviously has an extremely negative effect on Nigeria’s unity.

Ibrahim’s allegation of partiality might be harsh as this is not the first time remuneration would be delayed and it is still days to Sallah.

March stipends were not paid as and when due. However, our findings revealed that beneficiaries received their salary on the due date in the months of April and May.

Billions of naira have been spent on the N-Power programme since its inception in December 2016.

The Federal Government’s N-Power scheme currently engages no fewer than 500,000 youth graduates deployed to provide public health services in teaching, health, agriculture and tax and monitoring.

It also engages another 200,000 non-graduates in training or on attachment to organisations as interns.

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