N-Power: Everyone Gets What’s Due To Them, Says Buhari’s Aide

N-Power: Everyone Gets What's Due To Them, Says Buhari's AideRivers state has one of the highest number of N-Power beneficiaries, according to President Buhari’s aide (Photo Courtesy: N-Power/Twitter)

As the Federal Government keep on with the N-Power programme, the Special Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on Digital and New Media, Tolu Ogunlesi has said that regardless of party affiliation or politics, “everyone gets what is due to them”.

Concise News reports that Ogunlesi also claimed that Rivers state has one of the highest number of N-Power beneficiaries.

While trying to buttress his point that the Buhari administration does not discriminate against the opposition when it comes to touching lives of the common Nigerian, the New Media guru states that PDP-governed Rivers state boasts of ‘one of the highest number of N-Power beneficiaries’.

He wrote on his verified Twitter handle few days ago: “In governance and policymaking PMB and PYO don’t treat PDP Governors as ‘opposition’.

“And its heartwarming to see the Governors also reciprocating – PDP Govs don’t treat them as ‘opposition’ President/VP.

“This should be the norm, tbh – but in Nigeria it hasn’t always been so.

“I don’t know of any PDP Gov since 2015 who doesn’t deeply respect the President & VP. (Pls don’t call Fayose’s name lol. That one was an aberration).

“And its a genuine respect – based on, I know these guys are not here trying to oppress or cheat me (Unlike some past Presidents).

Everyone gets what is due to them – regardless of party affiliation or politics. Bailout, Paris Club, Social Inv, etc. The 1st completed project of #EnergizingEducation was in Ebonyi. Ebonyi also benefited early from PFI. Rivers has one of highest No’s of N-Power beneficiaries.

“The simple fact is that – every Nigerian equally deserves the actual benefits of democracy, regardless of how they vote. And that’s how the President and VP have chosen to deal with every Governor and every State in the country. (Contrary to all the false narratives being pushed).

“Me I will continue to remind everyone of this. If need be we will take journeys down memory lane to see how previous leaders treated Governors considered ‘opposition’.

“These are refreshingly different times. And hopefully we will never go back to the old ways.”

Ogunlesi’s assertion seems correct as it would be recalled that the breakdown of volunteers, according to Daily Trust in July shows the following figures:

Abia State – 11,285

FCT State – 14,116

Adamawa State – 11,620

Akwa Ibom State – 12,278

Anambra State – 14,903

Bauchi State – 13,075

Bayelsa State – 10,561

Benue State – 18,000

Borno State – 12,766

Cross River State – 11,012

Delta State – 17,810

Ebonyi State – 10,561

Edo State – 12,340

Ekiti State – 10,563

Enugu State – 16,542

Gombe State – 10,909

Imo State – 12,394

Jigawa State – 11,365

Kaduna State – 18,000

Kano State – 18002

Katsina State -13,313

Kebbi State – 10,559

Kogi State – 12,211

Kwara State – 13,154

Lagos State – 17,998

Nasarawa State – 12,504

Niger State – 12,776

Ogun State – 15,563

Ondo State – 13,460

Osun State – 17,999

Oyo State – 18,001

Plateau State – 11,700

Rivers State – 17,987

Sokoto State – 10,903

Taraba State – 10,914 or 11,296 (this online news medium cannot verify the actual figure of this state yet)

Zamfara State -10,560

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