N-Power Begins Payment Of September Stipends To Beneficiaries

n-power newsSome N-Power beneficiaries (Image: Pulse.ng)

Beneficiaries of the N-Power scheme have started receiving credit alert; payment of the September 2019 stipend, Concise News reports.

Some beneficiaries of the scheme told Concise News that the payment of the September stipends started on Tuesday afternoon.

There have been allegations from some beneficiaries of the scheme that handlers are exploiting them.

According to a beneficiary, N-Power handlers have kept their stipends in a bank to accumulate interest for them before they are paid.

“N-Power, he wrote in a reply to a tweet, “you guys are not satisfied with the amount of interest accrue yet from fixing our stipends every month in a fixed deposit account at GTbank?

“Every time people blame the president for this & that, but the followers are worst. Just N-Power to manage see (sic)!”

According to him “Every month, you have to get interests at expense of frustrating
Buhari government’s efforts of giving his best to the youths; all this money you people are accumulating will vanish one day.

“And God will pay you people for the suffering you putting beneficiary too.  Bad people hiding everywhere to do evil; you guys are there to kill the program; apart from the normal embezzlement, you still have to fix our stipend every month to get interests. Without the knowledge of Buhari.

“The media should also help us here, not only when the beneficiaries are at fault you only report.”

N-Tech Update

The N-Power Tech software training has started, according to a statement from the handlers of the empowerment scheme, Concise News reports.

A statement from N-Power on Tuesday noted that the beneficiaries will be taught HTHL, CSS, PHP, Java, front end and back-end Programing.

It noted that other programmes include Web programming and digital marketing among others.

“Beneficiaries will be taught digital programming – HTHL, CSS, PHP, Java, front end and back-end Programing,” N-Power tweeted.

“Web Programming ( Advanced, Architecture etc) and Digitial Marketing.”

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